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The village of Belmere is one of the larger villages on Ilara. It holds the only temple on the north-east side of the island, and has a sizable market. Thanks to these features, it serves as a hub for the surrounding villages, with many people visiting Belmere either to visit the market or attend a sermon in the temple. In addition to the market, Belmere also has the full-time service of a blacksmith, a tannery and a seamstress.

The Market

Once a week, on tradesday, the market is held at the marketplace in the center of the village. The market attracts people from many of the nearby settlements, both to sell and purchase goods. Typical goods at the market are furs, linen, clothes, foodstuff, practical household goods, and live animals.

The Temple

The Temple of Marcus located in the city is by no means a large structure. It is quite a bit taller than the other buildings in town, but as temples go, it is quite moderately sized. Still, it is the only temple on this side of the island, so it draws people from all the surrounding villages when there is a sermon, which is held once a week, every godsday. The inside of the first floor of the temple is mainly a large room with a very high ceiling, filled with benches for the attendees to sit on, and a lectern at front from where the priest speaks. The temple is rather well decorated, and the color red has been used throughout the design.

Quarters for the priests and the acolytes are found downstairs. These are much more simple in decoration, although various elaborate holy symbols of Marcus are displayed in various locations. There is also a storage area downstairs for the church's supplies.

The temple is currently led by Benet Hadler. Serving under him are 3 junior priests and 4 acolytes.

The Characters

All the characters start the campaign in this village, and have been here for a while now. Many of them were born and grew up in this village, while others came several years ago to start their training as acolytes in the temple.