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Virana is a planet about the same size as the Earth. Also like the Earth, it is divided into multiple large continents divided by huge oceans. Only in a few spots are the continents close enough that they can be traveled between with a short, relatively safe journey by ship, but due to the difficulties of inland travel in many regions, most travel and trade happens along far longer sea journeys, either straight across the treacherous oceans where anything can happen, or by following the coast lines where dangerous reefs and blood-thirsty pirates may lurk. No matter the route chosen, travel is rarely a safe affair.

The continents are as diverse as those found on Earth. All kinds of terrain and climates can be found on the planets surface, it is just a question of locating them.

Known Regions

The Windclaw Isles

Earth Comparison

Virana is like the Earth in many aspects, but it is important to note that due to a completely different layout of the landmasses, the ocean currents and weather patterns are very different. For example, the Gulf Stream, which on Earth helps heat the northern regions on Earth does not have an equivalent on Virana. This means that the Windclaw Isles, even though they are not as far north as the northernmost parts of Europe, are still much colder than their counterpart regions on the Earth. This means that comparing Latitude between Virana and Earth is only a weak indication for the expected climate. Areas on Virana can be much hotter, colder, wetter or dryer. The below image shows the continents of Virana with the outline of Earth superimposed. Keep in mind that this map uses an Equirectangular projection which distorts both shape and area, especially near the poles.