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The planet of Virana is roughly Earth-sized and follows a similar orbit. As a result, each year is 357 days long, each day being 24 hours.

The calendar is divided into 12 months, where the first 9 all have 30 days, and the last 3 have 29 days each. Weeks are a standard 7 days.

Note that this calendar is valid for the characters' starting region. Other places have their own calendars.


  • Time of Thawing
  • Time of Warming
  • The Greening
  • Early Summer
  • High Summer
  • Summer's End
  • Time of Harvest
  • Time of Decay
  • Time of Storms
  • Time of Cooling
  • Time of Freezing
  • Winter's End


  • Alderday : This day is named after Virana's first moon.
  • Journeyday : The day traditionally set aside for those with a longer journey to the market/city and temple. Traditionally, they would use journeyday to travel to the location, spend most of the next day (tradesday) doing trading, attending a sermon early on godsday, then using the rest of godsday for the journey home.
  • Tradesday : Traditional trading day. Markets which are not open daily usually set up this day.
  • Godsday : This day is traditionally used to revere the gods (attending sermons, prayers, offerings, etc.). Generally, this is also a day of rest for those that can afford the time. For those that can't, they try to leave light work for this day.
  • Melinday : This day is named after Virana's second moon.
  • Sunday : This day is named after Virana's Sun.
  • Swordsday : In times or war, or anywhere where life is dangerous, this was the day of the week people checked and maintained their weapons. Today, it is the most common day for all kinds of regular maintenance, including cleaning and bathing.