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The Isle of Ilara is the smallest of the three main islands in the Windclaw Isles. However, it is not without importance, due to the rich silver mines on the island.

This small island holds about 7.000 people, of which about 2.000 live in the capital town of Silver Keep. Too small to be divided up, this island is ruled by a single lord, Lord Corbyn Bann, who rules the island from Silver Keep. Besides being the capital town, Silver Keep is also the location of the largest silver mine on the isles.

Hunting and fishing are the most common ways of getting food on this island, although a small area to the south-east of Silver Keep is appropriate for use as farmland, and several types of crops can be grown here.

The Isle of Ilara is the home of the characters, with most of them coming from the village of Belmere, either because they grew up there, or because they have had a prolonged training period with the Church of Marcus which has a temple here.

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