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Welcome to the world of Virana. Virana is a planet with very Earth-like qualities, being of approximately the same size and distance from its sun, thus also having a similar climate. Most of the lands of Virana are currently unknown, but those that are known are detailed within these pages.

Virana is a pretty generic fantasy setting rules-wise, and contains the common version of the typical player races (humans, elves, half-elves, halflings, gnomes, dwarves), adhering to the AD&D 2nd edition rules. What sets Virana apart from other fantasy settings is not the rules, but the lore of the world, most of which has yet to be discovered.

Note that all information on these pages is based on the characters' current knowledge, which often comes from unreliable sources. Information might be biased, exaggerated, partial, based on superstitions, designed to mislead, or just plain wrong. A common example of this is that most people tend to believe that people living in other faraway places are nothing more than uncivilized barbarians, but this has proven to be false in more than one occasion up through the history of our own world. Figuring this out is part of the characters' experience in their journeys.